Thursday, 10 January 2013

A little bit about me...

Hello!  And welcome to my first venture into the word of blogging.  I thought I would put that upfront - nice and early - a disclaimer which might explain why this blog doesn’t quite have the professional sheen of others you may read.
With that out of the way let me introduce myself a little.  The bald facts are that I live and work in London, claim to be 20 something (although I am staring down the barrel of the rapidly looming 30s), and am lucky enough to found a lovely man that I will soon be marrying.
However, I haven’t started this blog just to update you on my day to day life.  There is one main driver – my love of makeup and beauty, bordering on an obsession.  If I had enough courage I would quit my sensible job and try to make a go of it as a makeup artist.  But I am yet to find that courage and so part of this blog will be committed to boring you lovely folk about my latest makeup or beauty related story.  The other smaller driver is that (as mentioned) I’m getting married very soon, which has resulted in a number of experiences and beauty adventures which will no doubt make an appearance at some point on this pages.
I’m very open to comments and suggestion – I’m new at this and all I can do is learn – if there are things that you find more interesting than others let me know.  Thank you and happy reading.

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